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OSMT solves immediate challenges facing employers, workers, learners, and educational institutions.

Reduce Costs

Almost all skill data is not machine actionable, making it expensive and difficult for organizations to use or create skills-based tools or resources.

Support Adoption

Data providers and users need an accessible way to collectively shift to skills as currency.


A common skills language allows learners and workers to share skills to attain jobs and gain entry into education/training programs.

Career Mobility

Learners and workers need to connect what they know and are able to do to their education and employment opportunities.

Speed-up Change

Employers need to be able to quickly up- or re-skill employees in response to market change.

Efficient Credentialing

Manual or outdated processes for issuing and verifying resumes, CVs, and transcripts lose employers and educators time and money.

Accurate Validation

Academic credentials don’t say anything about someone’s knowledge and skills. Rather, in-demand workforce skills should be tracked, linked to work performance, and mapped to curricula.

OSMT is 100% open source and free (released under an Apache 2.0 license).