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Open Skills Management Tool

A common language for skills-based education and hiring

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What is OSMT?

The Open Skills Management Tool (OSMT) makes it possible for employers, educators, military, and other stakeholders to create and share open skills libraries. OSMT advances skills-based education and hiring.

What is a Rich Skill Descriptor (RSD)?

A skill statement and associated metadata (keywords, occupation codes, alignments, etc.) that enables the interoperability of skills. OSMT uses the RSD standard to describe skills.

Skills Management Made Easy

OSMT is designed for a variety of users, use cases and support features like search, author, edit, organize, publish and more.

Create and Access Skills

A branded hosting platform for your skills definitions.

Integration Ready

Designed to fit seamlessly into existing technology infrastructure.

Open Source and Free

OSMT is available under an Apache 2.0 license which means it’s completely open source and free.

Getting Started with OSMT

Got questions?

Answers can be found on the Support page or How-To