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OSMT support is provided by the OSMT open-source community, the Discussion Forum and GitHub documentation.

  1. How-To
  2. For first time users and common scenarios, please refer to the How-To page.

  3. The README
  4. The README file provides technical instructions about building, installing, and running OSMT.

  5. The Discussion Board
  6. Still can't find what you're looking for? Head on over to the Discussion Board and ask your question there.

Found a Bug? Want to Request a Feature?

  • Steps to submit an issue with OSMT:
    • Go to the Issues page in the OSMT GitHub repo. Github will prompt you to login or create an account if you do not have one.
    • Click on them New Issue button.
    • Fill out the title and body. Please put in as much information as possible. i.e. code snippet, screen shots etc. Note that you can paste or drag-and-drop an image or screenshots/attachments right into the body. Provide steps to reproduce the issue and what the expected result should be. Once finished, click "Submit new issue". Example:
    • Screenshot of bug submission
    • Issues are reviewed by maintainers on a regular basis
  • OSMT is open source, so you can always attempt a fix yourself and submit a pull request. For more information about contributing to OSMT, see our CONTRIBUTING guidelines.

Continuous engagement

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